Federal Program

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health operates a Residential Re-Entry Center under contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The individuals are placed in the Residential Re-Entry Center just prior to release from prison. This gives the individual a structured, supportive environment where he/she can meet the goals of the program before release.

The goals of the Residential Re-Entry Center are to assist residents with the following:

  • Obtain gainful employment.
  • Secure a residence if needed.
  • Re-establishing family ties.
  • Continuing a clean and sober lifestyle.

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At SEMOBH we are committed to the continuation of uninterrupted client services throughout this pandemic for the communities we serve. We know it is critically important to those in need of our services that we continue to serve as a resource upon which they can take ongoing reliance. As such, with some slight modifications to on site or in office services, we are open for business to serve our constituents. 

Predicated upon guidelines and recommendations established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the US Department of Justice-Bureau of Prisons, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health, for the health, safety, and well-being of our clients, employees and their families, we are taking preventive measures that incorporate social distancing, enhanced cleaning practices for buildings, readily available products for hygienic purposes, and screening of all those who enter our facilities. 

Effective this date, the Farmington Aquinas facility, where clients of the Federal Department of Justice-Bureau of Prisons, United States Probation, Justice Re-Investment Treatment Pilot, court-ordered clients and our homeless clients will be housed; the Farmington Weber Road Building; the Salem Hart Building; the Rolla Office; and the Poplar Bluff Bank Building, will all be open for business as follows: we will provide virtual clinical services telephonically and via Telehealth from the Rolla, Poplar Bluff, and the Salem Hart Building, and many staff will conduct such services from home using Agency-approved equipment. All other housing facilities and outpatient offices will be temporarily idled for 15 days, at which time we will reevaluate the pandemic crisis and follow the direction of the Department of Mental Health, and other key stakeholders. 

During this time, those whom we serve should call 911 for emergencies, or call SEMOBH at 1-800-455-5749 24-hours a-day for crises or non-emergency needs.