Children First is a pre-divorce education program mandatory in some Missouri counties and required by judges when the custody of minor children is involved. The 2 1/2 hour educational series focuses on how to prevent children from becoming pawns and victims in a divorce by educating the divorcing parents. Parents must attend if under the same court jurisdiction. Children First makes use of A/V mini-series format in addition to discussions led by a trained facilitator. Special emphasis is given to issues such as chemical dependency families, financial support, living arrangements and visitations rights. Common pitfalls and entrapments are also focused upon, among them:

  • Buying affection through bribery
  • Parents trying to be pals or buddies instead of parenting
  • Cross examination following visitations
  • Children “acting out” over visitation appointments
  • Custodial “choose me” sympathy seeking
  • The insecurity and fear children experience when parents verbally abuse one another
  • Parental dating games