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Community Services  

Community Services Offered At SEMO-BH include:

Employee Assistance Program
Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program
Children First
Drug/Alcohol Testing Services

Federal ProgramBack to Top

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health operates a Residential Re-Entry Center under contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The individuals are placed in the Residential Re-Entry Center just prior to release from prison. This gives the individual a structured, supportive enfironment where he/she can meet the goals of the program before release.

The goals of the Residential Re-Entry Center are to assist residents with the following:

  • Obtain gainful employment.
  • Secure a residence if needed.
  • Re-establishing family ties.
  • Continuing a clean and sober lifestyle.

Employee Assistance ProgramBack to Top

The EAP is designed to assist valued employees with difficulties arising from emotional, family, marital, financial, legal, substance abuse, or work related problems. We believe an employer's greatest resource is the employee and their family. Our EAP has four goals:

1) Identify the troubled employees

2) Motivate them to seek and accept help

3) Assess their situation and develop a plan of action

4) Provide the counseling or referral to services they need

Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders ProgramBack to Top

SATOP is a statewide program dealing with alcohol related traffic offenses enacted by statute and mandated by the courts. This agency is certified to conduct initial screening of those referred by the court system. This screening includes background checks for prior alcohol related arrests, the administering of the Driver's Risk Inventory and assessment by a qualified counselor. Depending on what is revealed in the screening process, an individual may be referred to one of three intervention oriented programs:

1) Offender Education Program (OEP) is a two-day, 10 hour program

2) Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) is a 48-hour program conducted in residency over one weekend. The program provides intensive group and individual counseling.

3) Clinical Intervention Program (CIP) targets the persistent DWI offender. These persons receive 50 hours of individual counseling (10 hours per week), group counseling, and group intervention in a three- to six-week period.

4) Adolescent Diversion Education Program (ADEP) is a 10 hour over day class designed for minors who are arrested for a drug offense or substance related driving offense.

5) Required Educational Assessment and Community Treatment (REACT) is a 10-hour over two day class focused on the offender who is arrested for a drug-related offense and then placed on probation.

Children FirstBack to Top

Children First is a pre-divorce education program mandatory in some Missouri counties and required by judges when the custody of minor children is involved. The 2 1/2 hour educational series focuses on how to prevent children from becoming pawns and victims in a divorce by educating the divorcing parents. Parents must attend if under the same court jurisdiction. Children First makes use of A/V mini-series format in addition to discussions led by a trained facilitator. Special emphasis is given to issues such as chemical dependency families, financial support, living arrangements and visitations rights. Common pitfalls and entrapments are also focused upon, among them:

Buying affection through bribery

Parents trying to be pals or buddies instead of parenting

Cross examination following visitations

Children "acting out" over visitation appointments

Custodial "choose me" sympathy seeking

The insecurity and fear children experience when parents verbally abuse one another

Parental dating games

Drug/Alcohol Testing ServicesBack to Top

We provide scientifically determined random selection of employees, Breathalyzer testing for alcohol, on-site collection for the analysis of drugs and documentation in a format that meets all State and Federal Department of Transportation regulations.


We are certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and accredited by CARF International

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