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C-STAR Program
Outpatient Community Based Counseling Services
CPR Program
Primary Recovery Stabilization Program
Family Therapy Program
Community Support Services
Medication Assisted Treatment

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The C-STAR program is a multi-level, individualized treatment program for drug and alcohol dependence and co-occurring mental health disorders. C-STAR embodies current therapeutic applications of treatment, specific to individual patterns of drug and alcohol abuse/co-occurring disorders. It is designed for the Medicaid eligible and offers three levels of treatment:

Level I Intensive Community Based Outpatient (with/without supportive housing)

Level II Intermediate Outpatient

Level III Long-term Outpatient

Outpatient Community Based Counseling Services Back to Top

Our Outpatient Counseling Services program provides psychosocial assessment and mental health evaluation, individuals, couples, family and group sessions are arranged according to a personalized treatment plan. We regard chemical dependency as a disease affecting the entire family and recognize that individuals may suffer from co-occurring mental healtha nd substance abuse disorder. Family members are encouraged to participate and services are not limited to alcoholism and other chemical dependencies. Counseling for stress related issues, grief, behavioral issues, marriage, divorce, abuse, and other mental health issues are available.

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The Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR) Program is a community living program for individuals whose mental illness is accompanied by a diagnosis of substance abuse. CPR clients live in their own homes within the community. Gathering on a daily basis where they are provided life skills enhancements and educated on general self-care needs. The goal is to develop a personal support system, behaviors and abilities to a level where the individuals can be at their highest level of personal productivity in the community.

Primary Recovery Stabilization Program Back to Top

Located in Farmington, Salem, and Poplar Bluff, our Primary Recovery StabilizationPrograms for alcohol and drug abuse/co-occurring disorders offer highly individualized stabilization treatment. The Primary Recovery Stabilization Program has three principle objectives:

1) Interrupt the destructive cycle of chemical abuse

2) Break through the denial of the problem by the use of proven, innovative therapeutic techniques;

3) Education about the biological, social, family, spiritual and all other effects substance abuse may have upon one's life.

The more a person understands about their problem, and the why and how it affects them the more able they are to work with their problem.

Family Therapy Program Back to Top

The Family Program is all encompassing treatment services management program to families and individual family members. Some services include: Family Therapy, Parenting Skills, Mental Health Education, and Education in Family Issues. We specialize in Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Adolescent Conduct Disorders and Chemical Dependency/co-occurring disorders treatment.

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Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health considers Community Support Services as a key component in the on-going recovery of the clients we serve. As a part of their current treatment or continuing care/transition planning, a client will be referred to resources such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, etc. A client will be referred to specialty groups if needed such as Emotions Anonymous, Cancer Support Groups, Anger Management Groups, Parenting Groups, etc. Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health finds it crucial to approach the needs of clients on an individualized basis and then match them to appropriate Community Support Services in order to ensure and enhance the quality of their recovery. Community Support Services focuses to enhance a client's life in 6 recovery domains: Supportive/stable housing, employment/education, social connectedness, criminal isssues, medical/health and recovery from mental health/substance abuse.

Medication Assisted Treatment Back to Top

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health considers chemical dependency as a disease that responds to medications that assist in the reduction of craving and enhancement of recovery. Working with physicians in the community, the use of Vivtrol and Suboxone for the treatment of those clients suffering from dependence on alcohol and opiates has provided another path to recovery to our menu of services.


We are certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and accredited by CARF International

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